Wed,Jul 23,2014

Chinese president visits Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro

President Xi visited Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro Tuesday and the two exchanged views on bilateral ties, the international situation and other issues of common concern. | Special Report 

Testing times for foreign fast-food chains

A supplier's practice of selling expired meat to top fast-food chains in China has highlighted loopholes in ensuring quality and safety.

Could the data in the black boxes of MH17 be modified?

The black boxes from flight MH17 were in the hands of the pro-Russia rebels for several days, have they already got the information from the boxes? Have they tampered with the information by technical means?| Special Report 

China on alert for typhoon Matmo

China is gearing up for typhoon Matmo, with parts of the country still recovering from typhoon Rammasun, the strongest to hit south China in four decades.

Wealthy spending more-on property

Among all categories, luxury property spending among China's wealthy has increased the most, with its growth rate reaching 12.6 percent in 2014.

Investment from Japan sinks as tensions persist

Japan's direct investment in China declined significantly in the first half of this year as ties between Asia's top two economies remained under stress.








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