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Wreckage of Chinese rocket hits house in Hunan

(People's Daily Online)

15:52, October 09, 2011

Photo shows the people who located the power supply device of the booster of the carrier rocket in Suining County, central China's Hunan province. (People's Daily Online/ Peng Chao, Li Aimin)

Edited and Translated by Han Shasha, People's Daily Online

At 4:21 p.m. on Oct. 7, China's Long March III B carrier rocket successfully launched French communication satellite W3C into orbit from Xichang Satellite Launch Center. At about 7:00 p.m., the wreckage of the carrier rocket was found in Suining County in central China's Hunan province.

On the scene, a steel frame weighing more than 250 kilograms and a motor with pieces of wreckage were found in the field. The wreckage also pierced the roof of one house, but no one was harmed.

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