Thu,Jul 24,2014

Xi grieves over Taiwan plane crash

Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, conveyed condolences after a deadly plane crash in Taiwan Wednesday evening.

- Dozens feared dead in Taiwan plane crash
48 dead, 10 injured in Taiwan plane crash

Why does the 'temperature of China' keep rising in Latin America? | Special Coverage 

Longtime friendship, close cooperation and a bright future for China and Latin America have helped to make Xi's visit to Latin America a great success.

Ties with Latin America not a rebuke to US

The new order of global network depends on equality and joint governance

It cannot be that one country is safe while others are exposed, still less should one country be allowed to seek absolute security at the expense of the security of other countries.

National gifts pass stories of ordinary Chinese

President Xi Jinping’s gifts of DVDs to Latin American countries could be a signal that China's cultural products are about to 'go global'.

China’s RMB to be next world currency - four challenges to be faced

The Chinese renminbi will become the world's third largest currency within five years as the country accelerates the promotion of its currency unit.

No leniency on food crimes

Although no death or injury has been reported as a result of the out-of-date meat, what Husi appears to have done is severe enough to warrant prosecution of those responsible.








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