Tue,Jul 29,2014

Cooperation with China brings new opportunity to Latin America

Chinese President Xi Jinping's recent trip to Latin America, the second in 13 months, demonstrated the important role Latin America plays in China's overall diplomacy and brought new opportunity to the bilateral ties.

China's 58 partners around the world- Part I

To date, China has established comprehensive strategic partnerships with 18 countries and organizations worldwide. In addition, China also has 40 partners of other types. As China's influence grows, relationships between China and its partners are becoming increasingly close.

Japanese war criminal confession reveals persecution of Chinese

A written confession by Japanese war criminal Ryusuke Sako made public on Sunday revealed the persecution of thousands of Chinese including underground anti-Japanese operators during World War II.

Why plane crash happened so frequently recently

July 2014 must be the darkest month in the aviation history. Three air disasters happened in eight days and 465 people were killed. Despite the varying circumstances of each crash, insufficient preventive measures is a common cause of the accidents.

Malaysia strikes agreement for international police deployment to MH17 crash site

Malaysia has stricken an agreement with Ukrainian rebels, who control the area around the MH17 crash site, to allow a group of international police personnel to enter the area to protect the international investigators.
- Behind plane crash lies simmering East-West rivalry

China's economy heading in the right direction

The latest economic data suggest China is moving to a more service-based economy that is less reliant on exporting cheap manufactured goods.








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