Premier Li visits Germany, Russia, Italy, the UN Food and Agricultural Organization HQ and attends the 10th Asia-Europe Meeting summit in Milan
Sun,Oct 26,2014
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China, Russia urge scientific co-op via innovation forum

Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin Saturday voiced hope for enhancing cooperation in the fields of science and technology.

Beijing to cut pollutants discharge by a third during APEC

The pollutants discharge in Beijing and neighboring regions of Tianjin and Hebei is expected to be cut by a third during next month's APEC meeting.

'Occupy Movement damages economy, social order'

Hong Kong business leaders said the illegal movement has disrupted Hong Kong's social order and would cause long-term damage to the business environment of the Asian financial center.

Chinese gov't follows Party's plan to realize law-abiding governance

The State Council, China's cabinet, met on Friday to implement the blueprint of legal reform adopted by a key Party session Thursday.

China to allow more private fund in energy, telecoms, infrastructure

China plans to attract more private investment in key sectors including energy and telecoms through policy support and fairer investment environment, Premier Li Keqiang said Friday.

1 out of 2000 to get the hottest position in civil service exam

As of 4 p.m. yesterday, a total of 960,000 people got approval for the exam. But there are still 249 positions that no one has been approved for.








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